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Outdoor Terrace The outdoor terrace – recently renovated and landscaped – provides a beautiful setting for spring, summer or fall events. The views of Lake Calhoun to the West are stunning no matter the season.
Great Hall With seating for up to 400, the Hall can be outfitted with a stage, dance area and head table for special guests. If combined with the attached Terrace Room, the Hall seats up to 480.
Terrace Room With seating for up to 120, the carpeted Terrace Room is a space for more intimate gatherings and shows off the Event Center’s unrestricted view of beautiful Lake Calhoun via floor to ceiling windows. A newly finished courtyard to the West allows guests an even clearer view of the lake and its surrounds.
Sunday December 08 , 2019
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Welcome to St. Mary's Lake Calhoun Event Center

The St. Mary’s Lake Calhoun Event Center is perched on a historic site overlooking Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. With an unrivaled view of the popular lake, the Event Center is ideal for wedding receptions, fundraisers and community events. With multiple rooms of varying sizes, the Event Center can be tailored to fit your needs.


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